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6058/2438/2820 H

Modular Container, RAL 9010

1xmetallic door 900x2050mm, RAL9010. 2xwindow 850x1350mm, PIVA, RAL 9010, with applied PVC roller. Buried electrical installation complete with 400V power supply boxes.

Technical datasheet

6058/2438/2820 H

Modular Container, RAL 7016

1xmetallic door 900x2050mm, RAL7016. 1xdouble PVC window 1600x1350mm with applied PVC roller, RAL9010. Buried electrical installation complete with 400V power supply boxes.

Technical datasheet

6058/2438/2820 H

Modular Container, RAL 5010

1xmetallic door 900x2050mm, RAL9010. 1x double window 1600x1350mm, PIVA, RAL9010, with applied PVC roller. Complete buried electrical installation, 400V power supply.

Technical datasheet


Monobloc Container, RAL 9002

1x metallic door 970x2050mm RAL 9010, 1x aluminium window 970x1050mm RAL9010, sliding with PVC blinds. Complete apparent electrical installation with 220V power supply.

Technical datasheet

2438/2000/2150 H (8ft)
2991/2438/2591 H (10ft)
6058/2438/2591 H (20ft)

Storage Container RAL 5010

1x double metal door RAL5010, 2x locking bar, 1xlocking cover.

Technical datasheet

3000x2438x2820 H

Modular Container, Guard Cabin

1x PVC door 900x2050 RAL9010, 1x PVC window 1000x1100, RAL9010. Buried electrical installation complete with 400V power supply boxes.

Technical datasheet

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H interior: 2250/ H exterior: 2500

container economy

Container Economy

H interior: 2400/ H exterior: 2650

container monobloc

Container Monobloc

H interior: 2420/ H exterior: 2670

container modular

Container Modular

container economy

Container Economy

container monobloc

Container Monobloc

container modular

Container Modular

About us

Demcar 2000 company, established in 2000, has as object the development of a wide investment process focused on the production of containers, as well as accessories and their derivatives.
We aim to offer quality services, Demcar 2000 is also expanding into the sector of monobloc containers, economy version together with the company SC BOXCONTAINER SRL, starting from 2014.
We are a company that wants to expand its cooperation with both domestic and foreign partners.

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Last projects

Containers for all areas of use

We produce quality controlled containers that can be transformed according to the needs and requirements of each customer

Areas of use

office container

Mixed sanitary container

Refrigerated container

Shelter container

Collecting container

Bedroom container

Shower container

Toilet container

Storage container

Garage container

Shipping container

General details of containerized modules:

Structure: cold-rolled metal with material thicknesses between 3 and 12 mm.

Walls: 60 mm thick sandwich panels.

Roof: profiled metal structure with water drainage channel.

Galvanized double-faced board (0.5 mm).

Floor: 18mm outdoor OSB, linoleum.

Equipment: PVC metal doors and windows, insulated with double glazing, electrical installation (power sockets IP55 protection, electrical panel with fuses.
automatic fuses, power outlet, circuit breaker, standard sockets, fluorescent tube 1x36 W).

The company offers the following services:

Customized container solutions.

Assembly with trained personnel.

Lighting systems with generators for remote areas.

Design services for site organization, containerized spaces.

Product quality assurance and maintenance.

Technical consultancy for technical containers with strength calculations.

2D and 3D plan design.

Transport of agabaritic containers exceeding the limit imposed by the 2438 mm road code with the help of the transport authorization.

Do you need a container?

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Any changes and improvements can be made at the customer's request.